First Press~~

I started a blog after an epiphany that I need to write something and make it public. Okay wait, I don’t know if I’ll make this public yet. :D. For now, I liked writing it for myself and just typing. Well, being nerdy at times feels different and nice. nerdy-smiley

I have had this idea of blogging since four-five years, but lacked a positive drive. With time, I understood that I need not wait for some external positive drive, but just have to dust the lethargy off me. Yes, I succeeded when I knew I would be more frightened by not using whatever abilities I’d been given. (Ahem, I think so 😛 ). I don’t think I can really make the blog name come true, but I thrive to do so. Yes, I might speak about anything I like, anything which makes me feel light after writing, and you as well after reading. Like until, you feel this way…  or this way…smiley 2 Come on, I won’t take away your birthday now…!! 😀

I always wanted to name it as CasablancaStories I love Casablanca, both-the movie and a poem. After watching the movie, I so wanted to start a blog and of course, I did not. 😛 . I sat and thought if I could name it like I wanted, then I realized I might not make another masterpiece like either the movie or the poem. I also thought the writings might not be as romantic as the movie. 😛 LOL!! ‘*smiles*’

Casablanca image

My name is HimaTeja, not j pronounced as y like in Spanish, because I am not Spanish. I am from India, living in USA. I am used to hearing my name pronounced as HimaTehaa though. To avoid the confusion, I am Hima in short. I did my Masters in Pharmacy, currently working in a pharmaceutical firm. I am not really busy and trying to stay busy is the motto for now and forever. Idleness kills me. I read books, not really voracious, but when time permits me and viceversa 😀 . Oh yeah, I also try to be creative in fostering the connection between the body and spirit. Hahaha, that’s way too bad an explanation. In short, I dance. 😀 :P. Yeah, I dance to be high and also dance when high. 😛 :D. I watch a lot of movies~~Indian language ones and English too. I love classics and Animated movies.

IMG_2921  Yeah, that’s me and my favourite ‘pull a face’ expression…. 😀

I have mood swings at times, like everyone does. *Just thinking, what would happen to the readers if I start to write when I feel low*. Hell, no way! I don’t take that risk. I might pen something like a homeless drug addict. Okay wait, all this will only happen if I make this post public and if I have any readers, LOL! 😛 :D.

I love chocolates, ice-creams and guys. Yes, that says I am a girl. LOL   laughing hard smiley

I came to USA in January, 2013. I was sad (Homesick, homesick). I have awesome friends, more like sisters in Philadelphia ( Where I went to Temple School). Had so much fun that it felt like home away from home. Later that year in July, I moved to NewYork. And life was so bad, man. I was not ridiculously poor then, but tried to scrape everything together from the little earnings at my part-time job. Fortunately, that was my last stay in NYC infestations. *touchwood*. Yes, I said infestation, my apartment was full of roaches, rats, insects, bugs, etc. It irked me a lot. Oh and am so particular about the bathrooms. That bathroom was so disgusting. I always wanted to make a note saying:

funny bathroom note keep flushing                    funny bathroom note orbit the sun      Kind of these. Ughhhh, I was going crazy over this, cried many nights, yes almost all the nights, and then went back to Philadelphia. Yes, it’s my home and I love it. Then, after a few visits to Texas ( with my little sister) and reached Kansas city for my future endeavours. I am fine and going to rock my life, okay wait, let me rephrase it, I am going to make my life suck less…! 😛

Now, I feel this is too much for a first press…so I will sign off for now. 😀

See you soon.

Ta-daan.  bye-minionHow did I forget this? I louuuuuwe Minions. :*