First Press~~

I started a blog after an epiphany that I need to write something and make it public. Okay wait, I don’t know if I’ll make this public yet. :D. For now, I liked writing it for myself and just typing. Well, being nerdy at times feels different and nice. nerdy-smiley

I have had this idea of blogging since four-five years, but lacked a positive drive. With time, I understood that I need not wait for some external positive drive, but just have to dust the lethargy off me. Yes, I succeeded when I knew I would be more frightened by not using whatever abilities I’d been given. (Ahem, I think so 😛 ). I don’t think I can really make the blog name come true, but I thrive to do so. Yes, I might speak about anything I like, anything which makes me feel light after writing, and you as well after reading. Like until, you feel this way…  or this way…smiley 2 Come on, I won’t take away your birthday now…!! 😀

I always wanted to name it as CasablancaStories I love Casablanca, both-the movie and a poem. After watching the movie, I so wanted to start a blog and of course, I did not. 😛 . I sat and thought if I could name it like I wanted, then I realized I might not make another masterpiece like either the movie or the poem. I also thought the writings might not be as romantic as the movie. 😛 LOL!! ‘*smiles*’

Casablanca image

My name is HimaTeja, not j pronounced as y like in Spanish, because I am not Spanish. I am from India, living in USA. I am used to hearing my name pronounced as HimaTehaa though. To avoid the confusion, I am Hima in short. I did my Masters in Pharmacy, currently working in a pharmaceutical firm. I am not really busy and trying to stay busy is the motto for now and forever. Idleness kills me. I read books, not really voracious, but when time permits me and viceversa 😀 . Oh yeah, I also try to be creative in fostering the connection between the body and spirit. Hahaha, that’s way too bad an explanation. In short, I dance. 😀 :P. Yeah, I dance to be high and also dance when high. 😛 :D. I watch a lot of movies~~Indian language ones and English too. I love classics and Animated movies.

IMG_2921  Yeah, that’s me and my favourite ‘pull a face’ expression…. 😀

I have mood swings at times, like everyone does. *Just thinking, what would happen to the readers if I start to write when I feel low*. Hell, no way! I don’t take that risk. I might pen something like a homeless drug addict. Okay wait, all this will only happen if I make this post public and if I have any readers, LOL! 😛 :D.

I love chocolates, ice-creams and guys. Yes, that says I am a girl. LOL   laughing hard smiley

I came to USA in January, 2013. I was sad (Homesick, homesick). I have awesome friends, more like sisters in Philadelphia ( Where I went to Temple School). Had so much fun that it felt like home away from home. Later that year in July, I moved to NewYork. And life was so bad, man. I was not ridiculously poor then, but tried to scrape everything together from the little earnings at my part-time job. Fortunately, that was my last stay in NYC infestations. *touchwood*. Yes, I said infestation, my apartment was full of roaches, rats, insects, bugs, etc. It irked me a lot. Oh and am so particular about the bathrooms. That bathroom was so disgusting. I always wanted to make a note saying:

funny bathroom note keep flushing                    funny bathroom note orbit the sun      Kind of these. Ughhhh, I was going crazy over this, cried many nights, yes almost all the nights, and then went back to Philadelphia. Yes, it’s my home and I love it. Then, after a few visits to Texas ( with my little sister) and reached Kansas city for my future endeavours. I am fine and going to rock my life, okay wait, let me rephrase it, I am going to make my life suck less…! 😛

Now, I feel this is too much for a first press…so I will sign off for now. 😀

See you soon.

Ta-daan.  bye-minionHow did I forget this? I louuuuuwe Minions. :*


17 thoughts on “First Press~~

  1. nice…some time its funny and memorable to start a new life on our own from scrap…Anyways..i liked the concept…MAKE YOUR LIFE SUCKLESS…..But how? will be waiting for the future posts

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  2. Good start tej!! The focus of our lives has shifted from ‘an amazing life’ to ‘A suckless life’.. hope through this blog you can give tips and tricks to people to survive through their problems and start living the rest of it.. good luck baby..

    Liked by 1 person

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