Cheers to the Quarter

Yes, Cheers to the Quarter of my life. When I was 10, thought being 15 was the new cool, and when I was 18, thought being 25 was the new cool, and now, yeah, right, being 30….nah! I don’t feel the same anymore!! 🙂 😀 😛 Now I feel, everything from the past seems to be pretty good than the present. That’s how we probably screw the present and relish the past.

Woah, and I could figure it at the age of 25, great gyaan in the young age!! 🙂

I pretty much planned way ahead on how to enjoy that day, because I am that one girl who enjoys the birthdays!!!!! Like, hell yeah, IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!

I was with a group of people I love…I missed my parents and sister though. My parents planned to send me bunch of flowers and chocolates I love from India and got a nice dress from my sister. I happily got dressed, roamed all over, got some nice pictures to enjoy the quarter of my life for the next half century! (If I could hit so!)

So, yeah! I am 25 year old and finding my way in the world. All these years, I fought with people around me, and most importantly, with myself to emerge out as a person like I am. I am sorry if it doesn’t make sense, but yeah, it is not so easy to be you. It is hard to make good memories always (have a bunch of bad ones in place), to find new measures of independence (hell with the constraints), sense of self, read lot more books. Altogether, I evolved as a good person, if not to all, at least to myself.

I developed a great hope and I cling to it to accomplish my goals, and work to reach them. If not soon, someday I will, but it is not hard-to-reach. I can see a foggy image 😀 😀

I end up saying…..No matter how old you are, just enjoy that year, it obviously won’t come back.


Yep!!! That day!!!

I read a lot about the Happy Roses/Teddies/Chocolates/Diamonds day in the articles (In short, Valentine’s day). 😀

I was thinking to write something on this to make my blog look cool. It’s part of the oh-so-trendy thing to write anything that happens all around the globe.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY everyone who has boyfriend/girlfriend. And singles, HAPPY TIME TO YOU because this is the best period ever to give all the time for yourself.

We celebrate Valentine’s day; we celebrate love. Some celebrate on this day and some celebrate everyday.

You see different kind of people :

  1. People who say, “Yeah! I need to get a gift and impress my girlfriend, and can have a night stand for sure”.
  2. People who say, “I love you, I love you, *smooch smooch* ” all over. 🙂
  3. People who try to fix their relationship problem and give their love another chance.
  4. People who try to ignore the whole V-day thing and post the statuses or tweets like, “I am single, I hate Valentine’s day, It is like any other day or I-have-a-problem-with-everything- kind of statements.
  5. People who hope to celebrate at least next year with their loved ones.

Bottom line: Do not complain!!! Spread love and people who don’t like celebrations, spend it like any other day.

I would love to celebrate the love spread by introducing you to HUMANS OF NEW YORK (HONY) page. People who already knew it, just enjoy it and people who don’t know it just follow it. It is amazing and Brandon (the man behind HONY) is spreading love. It is a good art with good characters, characters with flaws, flawless characters, etc., but relating it with love, hope, and positiveness. It is a great platform to feel and for who love to feel and for who feel the love. It is all about humanity, philanthropy and all kinds of human reflections.

Happy Valentine’s day All!! Keep loving and spread the love!! 🙂

Some bits and pieces of love from HONY :

hony-4 hony-6 hony-8 hony-10 hony-12 hony-19

Everything about being humane, to love and being loved.

Peace guys!! 🙂

P.S: Please check out HONY!! xoxoxoxo

Why is it this way?

Friends sometime ago are strangers now.

The trustworthy people you shared your secrets with in the past are the people you avoid to bump into now.

People you loved once are the ones you hate now.

Closest friends who used to be at your home all the time are the ones now you seldom see. (Okay, you almost never see).

What is this? Like, is this the change with time or with people? Is the problem with you or me?

Is it that I am not same? I mean, everyone of us think about how boring the life turns after some routine and say to ourselves, “I need change”.

Well, after I feel it this way, I am so confused to say I need change or to stay the same.

Bring my people back, my friends back, my time back. Lastly, most importantly, BRING MYSELF BACK. (Umm, the CAPSLOCK on mode implies that when everything else is back in track, makes me feel “I am back” kinda). 🙂

Talking of this, these lines from Andrew Belle’s song I recalled:

“Everything thing will change,

Nothing stays the same

Nobody’s perfect

Oh, but everyone’s to blame”

P.S : Does anybody feel this way sometimes or anytime? Just asking!!

2015 is MINE

“When your eyes are tired
the world is tired also.

When your vision has gone
no part of the world can find you.

Time to go into the dark
where the night has eyes
to recognize its own.

There you can be sure
you are not beyond love.

The dark will be your womb

The night will give you a horizon
further than you can see.

You must learn one thing.
The world was made to be free in.

Give up all the other worlds
except the one to which you belong.

Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet
confinement of your aloneness
to learn

anything or anyone
that does not bring you alive

is too small for you.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~David Whyte’s Sweet Darkness~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is my first of the 365 pages. To start with a good one, here is a great poem.

This is my New Year Mantra. This poem is so close and intimate that I feel the exactness of the words. I am ready to rediscover myself and understand who I really am. Thus, trying to learn to discard and reject everything that stand in the way of my fullest potential. 2015 is MINE.

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year. Keep it Real!!! 🙂 🙂

A Hijra in the Family

I never reblogged any so far!!!! I never wanted to….. But this is worth a share…. Definitely worth a share. Much more love to you….. 🙂


I was just another boy wanting to be a girl. Now, I’ll be just another boy. I have not complained, nor do I complain now. I only tell a tale, for that’s all I’ve got. A tale, some could relate to.

This is for everyone who sees the queer movement as a superficial rich kid’s tantrum. I hail from a deeply religious middle class family with strong roots in a place known for its gender based crimes.

One of these days if I stopped existing the world wouldn’t know but I don’t want to be just another lgbt person. I don’t want to be just another statistic, just another note. I want to see the light, I want to be able to  hope but I don’t know where to look for hope, where to find it.

There was someone who told me, that maybe I should get my career sorted…

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My heart to the kids

I started a blog, wanting to make my life little more exciting. But, couldn’t stop writing about this barbaric act happened in Pakistan.

I woke up in the morning with the news update of Pakistani Taliban attacking a school in Peshawar and killing over 120 children. I just couldn’t digest it and I was lost in thoughts what make somebody kill innocent children. I looked up those videos and statements given by the parents who lost their children and it is just so disturbing. Every other day, we have some or the other news of violence or terrorism.

India, Australia, Canada, the U.S – No country is safe from the insane terrorists acting in the name of one religion. It is just not about the Islam. In the name of every religion, the religious orthodox, bigotry is prospering; imposing restrictions and creating drift among the people. This cannot be solved by fighting among the religions. People from one’s own religion has to clear the stigma from their own religious beliefs. Islamic people should condemn the human slaughter and should stand against the act. Likewise, the Hindus have to stand against any violent acts carried by their own people. It is not about religion, it is about humanity. The same with every religion.

One can boast about their religion because, your parents taught you, or your grandparents. Can you be specific on what your people followed or believed in about 7-8 generations back? They all came from one ancestor. One Hindu, One Christian, One Muslim and One Buddhist~~ everyone came from one ancestor.

How are these innocent children a threat to the terrorists? What made them kill these children in a school?

The world did not forget Malala. The terrorists were afraid of the young girl fighting against them for the girl rights and education. They shot her in the head. She was not scared and she is not anymore. She grew much stronger and continued fighting.

My answer is , the terrorists are afraid that the children would beat them bad, yes pretty bad with the education and knowledge.

This is the most horrifying act in my knowledge, in my life, so far. If these medieval marauders are terrorizing the civilized world in the name of faith, it is for the true believers of that faith to act. If this evil of terrorism is not exorcised, it will hurt not only Islamic people alone, but everyone in the world, the most. Modernity is not about just the way of living contemporarily, it is about the way you think, work and act.

A right choice has to be made ~~ Medievalism or Modernity ??

Idea courtesy : JP

Chocolate Martini and I

Alcohol isn’t banned in India, but it is not easy for women to look for a drink. I always wanted to have a drink. Yes, I tried the other day after I moved to the States.I went to a bar with my colleagues for the Fantasy Football Draft and having known that I love chocolates, they suggested me to try this drink.

Everyone was deep in their selection for the Fantasy Football, I sat with my goblet of drink. I loved the essence of the drink. Pure chocolate. It was sinfully delicious. I tasted sip by sip and took a mouthful gulp at once.

I felt ecstatic, and thoroughly enjoyed the after-effects as well. I am glad I got to taste the heavenly drink.


A goblet full of Chocolate Martini made me write and scandalize rest of my Indian girl friends through the post. 😛

Indian women might drink, but drinking and buying drinks in public carries stigma.Stigma

A girl having a drink~~ doesn’t mean losing morals or showing character flaws. I tried because I wanted to have. It is as simple as that.

What so ever, this post is a celebration for the decent drink I had. So, cheers !!! Cheers


Blogosphere~~ A Peculiar Literary Trend

After I posted my first press, I asked few of my friends to give me their opinion on my blog.

One of my friends asked me a few questions on blogging and gave his opinions on blogosphere. The discussion went on Whatsapp, and as my phone was about to die, so I kept the conversation short and crisp. I am here to better answer his questions. And yes, I got a better topic for my second post without much effort of thinking what to write about. The conversation went on like this:

He: I always wanted to ask these questions to every blogger, and don’t get offended.

Me: Okay, go ahead. You can’t really call me a blogger, because I am still a tenderfoot. I will try to clarify though.

Girl ranting inside: Yayy!! Yes, I am a blogger! *Dancing and feeling ecstatic* dancing girl picture

He: What made you get into blogging?

Me: I think I love writing. Period.writing smiley

Girl feeling like blogger inside: Umm, do you have time?? Okay, here it is: Over the years, I’ve had different hobbies. I always write when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when cranky or moody. Always!! I wanted to start a blog because I want to explore myself, just to see where I stand. Somewhere down the line, I might improve my writing ability or the writing might improve me as a person. Blogging is trendy, keeps me lively, helps me develop thirst for meaningful things, keeps me busy.

He: Why blogging?

Me: I write to myself, I mean I maintain diaries. I like them. I thought it would be nice if people could read them and may be feel nice after reading. It’s worth a try.

Girl feeling proud about her new hobby: I might be biased in answering this as I love blogging. I follow many blogs, which motivated me to start one. It can reach a huge audience when you have a great subject. You could be less pushy and more helpful through blogs. Most importantly, YOU FIND YOURSELF. You become your own motivator when you’re low. ( Yes, many bloggers motivated me in many ways).

He: Why do people write diaries?

Me: Just to get something off their minds and hearts. Or to remember that is personal.Confused image (Feeling thoughtful)

Girl who once shared her diaries with her best friends: Such an interesting question! The answer is also as simple as why Anne Frank wrote a diary!! I write my diary just to reconnect with one’s own past at some point in future.

He: Why can’t they talk to people who they trust? Why a pen and paper, or a monitor and keyboard?

Me: We can do both. It doesn’t mean people who write are not good speakers. It is their hobby, and it is what they love.

He: Talking is way easier than writing…effort wise. Bloggers are people who feel a disconnect with people around them or the world around them. They assume that they may not be heard in a dialogue or they may not be able to accept people disagreeing with them. So, they create a pseudo world with pseudo friends in a cyberspace.

It’s just his opinion so I did not argue over it. All I want to convey is, Shouting smileyShouting smileyShouting smileyShouting smiley

Sorry! The world doesn’t run that way. When we try to reach thousands of people around the world, it doesn’t mean we don’t convey it to our dearest ones. It doesn’t mean we are afraid of disapproval, it is just the acceptance of thousand similar voices. Clarification and simple words matter most and blogging has shown it. When you talk, there is a problem of narrow minds and big mouths, but when you write, it is all about one strong inner voice that gives you small but impressive words. Non-linear and chaotic thoughts could forever be misunderstood if spoken. And since I almost told you how to write, so you better start one! :P”

Hence Proved, Writing aka Blogging – An act for the wise!!!!!!


First Press~~

I started a blog after an epiphany that I need to write something and make it public. Okay wait, I don’t know if I’ll make this public yet. :D. For now, I liked writing it for myself and just typing. Well, being nerdy at times feels different and nice. nerdy-smiley

I have had this idea of blogging since four-five years, but lacked a positive drive. With time, I understood that I need not wait for some external positive drive, but just have to dust the lethargy off me. Yes, I succeeded when I knew I would be more frightened by not using whatever abilities I’d been given. (Ahem, I think so 😛 ). I don’t think I can really make the blog name come true, but I thrive to do so. Yes, I might speak about anything I like, anything which makes me feel light after writing, and you as well after reading. Like until, you feel this way…  or this way…smiley 2 Come on, I won’t take away your birthday now…!! 😀

I always wanted to name it as CasablancaStories I love Casablanca, both-the movie and a poem. After watching the movie, I so wanted to start a blog and of course, I did not. 😛 . I sat and thought if I could name it like I wanted, then I realized I might not make another masterpiece like either the movie or the poem. I also thought the writings might not be as romantic as the movie. 😛 LOL!! ‘*smiles*’

Casablanca image

My name is HimaTeja, not j pronounced as y like in Spanish, because I am not Spanish. I am from India, living in USA. I am used to hearing my name pronounced as HimaTehaa though. To avoid the confusion, I am Hima in short. I did my Masters in Pharmacy, currently working in a pharmaceutical firm. I am not really busy and trying to stay busy is the motto for now and forever. Idleness kills me. I read books, not really voracious, but when time permits me and viceversa 😀 . Oh yeah, I also try to be creative in fostering the connection between the body and spirit. Hahaha, that’s way too bad an explanation. In short, I dance. 😀 :P. Yeah, I dance to be high and also dance when high. 😛 :D. I watch a lot of movies~~Indian language ones and English too. I love classics and Animated movies.

IMG_2921  Yeah, that’s me and my favourite ‘pull a face’ expression…. 😀

I have mood swings at times, like everyone does. *Just thinking, what would happen to the readers if I start to write when I feel low*. Hell, no way! I don’t take that risk. I might pen something like a homeless drug addict. Okay wait, all this will only happen if I make this post public and if I have any readers, LOL! 😛 :D.

I love chocolates, ice-creams and guys. Yes, that says I am a girl. LOL   laughing hard smiley

I came to USA in January, 2013. I was sad (Homesick, homesick). I have awesome friends, more like sisters in Philadelphia ( Where I went to Temple School). Had so much fun that it felt like home away from home. Later that year in July, I moved to NewYork. And life was so bad, man. I was not ridiculously poor then, but tried to scrape everything together from the little earnings at my part-time job. Fortunately, that was my last stay in NYC infestations. *touchwood*. Yes, I said infestation, my apartment was full of roaches, rats, insects, bugs, etc. It irked me a lot. Oh and am so particular about the bathrooms. That bathroom was so disgusting. I always wanted to make a note saying:

funny bathroom note keep flushing                    funny bathroom note orbit the sun      Kind of these. Ughhhh, I was going crazy over this, cried many nights, yes almost all the nights, and then went back to Philadelphia. Yes, it’s my home and I love it. Then, after a few visits to Texas ( with my little sister) and reached Kansas city for my future endeavours. I am fine and going to rock my life, okay wait, let me rephrase it, I am going to make my life suck less…! 😛

Now, I feel this is too much for a first press…so I will sign off for now. 😀

See you soon.

Ta-daan.  bye-minionHow did I forget this? I louuuuuwe Minions. :*