Cheers to the Quarter

Yes, Cheers to the Quarter of my life. When I was 10, thought being 15 was the new cool, and when I was 18, thought being 25 was the new cool, and now, yeah, right, being 30….nah! I don’t feel the same anymore!! 🙂 😀 😛 Now I feel, everything from the past seems to be pretty good than the present. That’s how we probably screw the present and relish the past.

Woah, and I could figure it at the age of 25, great gyaan in the young age!! 🙂

I pretty much planned way ahead on how to enjoy that day, because I am that one girl who enjoys the birthdays!!!!! Like, hell yeah, IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!

I was with a group of people I love…I missed my parents and sister though. My parents planned to send me bunch of flowers and chocolates I love from India and got a nice dress from my sister. I happily got dressed, roamed all over, got some nice pictures to enjoy the quarter of my life for the next half century! (If I could hit so!)

So, yeah! I am 25 year old and finding my way in the world. All these years, I fought with people around me, and most importantly, with myself to emerge out as a person like I am. I am sorry if it doesn’t make sense, but yeah, it is not so easy to be you. It is hard to make good memories always (have a bunch of bad ones in place), to find new measures of independence (hell with the constraints), sense of self, read lot more books. Altogether, I evolved as a good person, if not to all, at least to myself.

I developed a great hope and I cling to it to accomplish my goals, and work to reach them. If not soon, someday I will, but it is not hard-to-reach. I can see a foggy image 😀 😀

I end up saying…..No matter how old you are, just enjoy that year, it obviously won’t come back.


Why is it this way?

Friends sometime ago are strangers now.

The trustworthy people you shared your secrets with in the past are the people you avoid to bump into now.

People you loved once are the ones you hate now.

Closest friends who used to be at your home all the time are the ones now you seldom see. (Okay, you almost never see).

What is this? Like, is this the change with time or with people? Is the problem with you or me?

Is it that I am not same? I mean, everyone of us think about how boring the life turns after some routine and say to ourselves, “I need change”.

Well, after I feel it this way, I am so confused to say I need change or to stay the same.

Bring my people back, my friends back, my time back. Lastly, most importantly, BRING MYSELF BACK. (Umm, the CAPSLOCK on mode implies that when everything else is back in track, makes me feel “I am back” kinda). 🙂

Talking of this, these lines from Andrew Belle’s song I recalled:

“Everything thing will change,

Nothing stays the same

Nobody’s perfect

Oh, but everyone’s to blame”

P.S : Does anybody feel this way sometimes or anytime? Just asking!!