My heart to the kids

I started a blog, wanting to make my life little more exciting. But, couldn’t stop writing about this barbaric act happened in Pakistan.

I woke up in the morning with the news update of Pakistani Taliban attacking a school in Peshawar and killing over 120 children. I just couldn’t digest it and I was lost in thoughts what make somebody kill innocent children. I looked up those videos and statements given by the parents who lost their children and it is just so disturbing. Every other day, we have some or the other news of violence or terrorism.

India, Australia, Canada, the U.S – No country is safe from the insane terrorists acting in the name of one religion. It is just not about the Islam. In the name of every religion, the religious orthodox, bigotry is prospering; imposing restrictions and creating drift among the people. This cannot be solved by fighting among the religions. People from one’s own religion has to clear the stigma from their own religious beliefs. Islamic people should condemn the human slaughter and should stand against the act. Likewise, the Hindus have to stand against any violent acts carried by their own people. It is not about religion, it is about humanity. The same with every religion.

One can boast about their religion because, your parents taught you, or your grandparents. Can you be specific on what your people followed or believed in about 7-8 generations back? They all came from one ancestor. One Hindu, One Christian, One Muslim and One Buddhist~~ everyone came from one ancestor.

How are these innocent children a threat to the terrorists? What made them kill these children in a school?

The world did not forget Malala. The terrorists were afraid of the young girl fighting against them for the girl rights and education. They shot her in the head. She was not scared and she is not anymore. She grew much stronger and continued fighting.

My answer is , the terrorists are afraid that the children would beat them bad, yes pretty bad with the education and knowledge.

This is the most horrifying act in my knowledge, in my life, so far. If these medieval marauders are terrorizing the civilized world in the name of faith, it is for the true believers of that faith to act. If this evil of terrorism is not exorcised, it will hurt not only Islamic people alone, but everyone in the world, the most. Modernity is not about just the way of living contemporarily, it is about the way you think, work and act.

A right choice has to be made ~~ Medievalism or Modernity ??

Idea courtesy : JP