Chocolate Martini and I

Alcohol isn’t banned in India, but it is not easy for women to look for a drink. I always wanted to have a drink. Yes, I tried the other day after I moved to the States.I went to a bar with my colleagues for the Fantasy Football Draft and having known that I love chocolates, they suggested me to try this drink.

Everyone was deep in their selection for the Fantasy Football, I sat with my goblet of drink. I loved the essence of the drink. Pure chocolate. It was sinfully delicious. I tasted sip by sip and took a mouthful gulp at once.

I felt ecstatic, and thoroughly enjoyed the after-effects as well. I am glad I got to taste the heavenly drink.


A goblet full of Chocolate Martini made me write and scandalize rest of my Indian girl friends through the post. 😛

Indian women might drink, but drinking and buying drinks in public carries stigma.Stigma

A girl having a drink~~ doesn’t mean losing morals or showing character flaws. I tried because I wanted to have. It is as simple as that.

What so ever, this post is a celebration for the decent drink I had. So, cheers !!! Cheers