Yep!!! That day!!!

I read a lot about the Happy Roses/Teddies/Chocolates/Diamonds day in the articles (In short, Valentine’s day). 😀

I was thinking to write something on this to make my blog look cool. It’s part of the oh-so-trendy thing to write anything that happens all around the globe.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY everyone who has boyfriend/girlfriend. And singles, HAPPY TIME TO YOU because this is the best period ever to give all the time for yourself.

We celebrate Valentine’s day; we celebrate love. Some celebrate on this day and some celebrate everyday.

You see different kind of people :

  1. People who say, “Yeah! I need to get a gift and impress my girlfriend, and can have a night stand for sure”.
  2. People who say, “I love you, I love you, *smooch smooch* ” all over. 🙂
  3. People who try to fix their relationship problem and give their love another chance.
  4. People who try to ignore the whole V-day thing and post the statuses or tweets like, “I am single, I hate Valentine’s day, It is like any other day or I-have-a-problem-with-everything- kind of statements.
  5. People who hope to celebrate at least next year with their loved ones.

Bottom line: Do not complain!!! Spread love and people who don’t like celebrations, spend it like any other day.

I would love to celebrate the love spread by introducing you to HUMANS OF NEW YORK (HONY) page. People who already knew it, just enjoy it and people who don’t know it just follow it. It is amazing and Brandon (the man behind HONY) is spreading love. It is a good art with good characters, characters with flaws, flawless characters, etc., but relating it with love, hope, and positiveness. It is a great platform to feel and for who love to feel and for who feel the love. It is all about humanity, philanthropy and all kinds of human reflections.

Happy Valentine’s day All!! Keep loving and spread the love!! 🙂

Some bits and pieces of love from HONY :

hony-4 hony-6 hony-8 hony-10 hony-12 hony-19

Everything about being humane, to love and being loved.

Peace guys!! 🙂

P.S: Please check out HONY!! xoxoxoxo